1. 1. Project Objective

    • Establishment of fashion business exchange for strengthening market competitiveness of domestic designer brands
    • Introduce fashion as a culture to the public by integrating fashion and culture, and expand the intimacy and contact with the public about the fashion culture industry
  2. 2. Event Overview

    • Event Name
      Fashion KODE 2020 F/W
    • Schedule
      2020. 3. 25 (Wednesday) ~ 3. 27 (Friday)
    • Location
      S Factory (Located in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul)
    • Host / Operator
      Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism / Korea Creative Content Agency, Council of Fashion Designers of Korea
  3. 3. Event Details

    • (Fair) Showroom exhibition for the brands and biz-matching with domestic and global buyers
    • (Network) An event to build relationship among the participating brands, buyers, and fashion industry officials
    • (Market) A marketplace for the brands to showcase their products to consumers
    • (Fashion show/Exhibition) Collaboration events featuring fashion and culture aspects
  4. 4. Participating Eligibility and Qualification

    • Fashion designer brands
    • Lifestyle design brands
    • Fashion (lifestyle) multi-shop brands
  5. 5. Application Details

    • Participation booth and fee
    1 booth7.2㎡ (3m×2.4m)KRW 500,000Excluding VAT
    2 booth14.4㎡ (6m×2.4m)KRW 800,000Excluding VAT

    ※ Brands that participated in overseas contact promotion event in 2019 and creative brand convergence showcase store support program in 2019 will receive a 30% discount for the booth fee; brands that were selected to participate in the creative brand prototype production support program (20 F/W) in 2019 will receive a 100% discount for one booth.

    ※ Additional items and brand displays beyond the basic booth and items provided by the event organizer may be featured in the booth. However, the costs shall be borne by the participating brand.

    ※ Please contact us if you require booths other that the ones specified above.

  6. 6. Benefits for Participating Brands

    • Brand Gala Fashion Show Support
      2-day, Total 8 brands (1 day show for 4 brand)
      Support content
      Around eight brands: around 15 outfits per brand for runway
      - Fashion show model, H&M, direction, and operation will be provided by the event organizer
      - The event organizer will help participating brands produce invitations and promote the event
      - The event organizer will build the runway and audience stand; provide runway photographers and photo/video files

      ※ Participating brands are responsible for costs incurred by additional models (model fee, hair and make-up fee, etc.)

      ※ Participating brands will discuss with KOCCA to decide number of dresser

      Selection method
      Based on the application form, selected by external expert evaluation according to selection criteria (Productivity, designer competency, performance capability, etc.)

      ※Refer to the application from (No. 9)

    • 3 points will be applied for application of support project (to be selected in March 2020)

      - Creative brand prototype production support project / overseas fair participation support project
      - Addition points will depend on the number of events participated (Fashion KODE 2020 S/S, F/W contact promotion event) (1 point for SS participated, 2 point for FW participated)

    • Indonesia Jakarta Fashion Week Entitlement to participate

      - Select 2 brands that participated in the contact promotion sessions at Fashion KODE 2020 F/W and 2021 S/S to attend Jakarta Fashion Week 2021 (Planned for October 2020)

    • Business Support

      - Preliminary market research will be conducted to provide one-on-one buyer-brand matching service
      - Business interpretation, event guards, and operating staff will be provided

    • Promotion Support

      - Online promotion, promotional video production and distribution, real-time live broadcast at the event venue
      - Brand information will be posted in Fashion KODE directory book and website

    • B2C Market

      - Brand product sales for general consumers
      Hosted in S Factory, D Hall in Seongsu-dong on Day 3 (Friday, March 27) of the event
      - Provide a payment system and payment processing personnel (direct sales by participating brands)

      ※ Excluding credit card fee (approx. 3%) and VAT (10%)
      ※ Detailed event information will be provided during brand recruitment information session and participating brand information session

    • Consulting

      - (Domestic Distribution) Distribution consultation including online/offline market comparison, tailored to individual brand situations
      - (Overseas Market Expansion) Information about overseas markets and expansion channels
      - (Brand Marketing) Pans for social media promotion strategy/collaboration marketing with artists

      ※ Consulting schedule will be individually informed to participating brands; the topic is subject to change depending on the situation.

    • Domestic distribution network supporting

      - In order to expand the domestic distribution network for participating brands, it plans to connect with large companies and department stored (currently under discussion)

  7. 7. Application

    • Application period
      From December 2m, 2019 (Mon) to 15:00, December 27, 2019(Fri)

      ※ Participating brands will be selected after a review

    • Application Method/Submission Contact
      E-mail/ Fashion KODE Secretariat (fashionkode@fashionkode.com)
    • Required Documents
      ① Application: Download and fill out the attached application form (attachment file)
      ② I copy of business registration certificate
      ③ Product plan and design (free from)
      ④ Other materials
          - Proof of domestic/global awards and support received from fashion funds;
          - Proof of participation in fashion collection/exhibition events
    • Participation fee payment
      Payment method and period will be separately notified to the applicants

      ※ Applicants who do not make the payment before the deadline or forfeit their position after they are selected may be penalized in future Fashion KODE participation.

    • Inquiries
      Fashion KODE Secretariat: +82-2-877-7038, fashionkode@fashiokode.com

      ※ Details of the above announcement are subject to change depending on the circumstance.

The above announcement was published on December 2. 2019

President of the Korea Creative Content Agency