Fashion KODE 2019 F/W 3.14-16, 2019 at S-FACTORY
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Fashion KODE 2019 F/W
Fashion Brand Recruitment Notice

Fashion KODE 2019 F/W, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by Korea Creative Content Agency (“KOCCA”) is being held at S Factory in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul from Thursday, March 14 through Saturday, March 16 2019. Accordingly, we are recruiting capable fashion brands wishing to participate in the event. We look forward to receiving your application.

Introduction to the New Development Direction of Fashion KODE 2019 F/W

Through its seasonal theme, Fashion KODE 2019 F/W has been publicizing preview shows and attracting influential buyers to provide more effective business results for participating companies through its improved program.

  • 1 Fashion KODE
    with a theme
    - Expanding from a fashion preview show into a cutting edge fashion culture event
    - this season’s theme : Break the Rules - new collaboration
    2 Differentiated
    Fashion KODE
    through choice
    and focus
    - Strengthening event promotion and improving concentration effect of fashion show through concept fashion show instead of brand fashion show
    - Attracting domestic and foreign buyers with purchasing power
    - Improving contracts through pre-biz matching and reinforcement of the pre view showroom tour program
    3 Substantial increase
    in sales through
    efficient operation
    - Increasing the participation of buyers and improving business capabilities through smooth communication between buyers and brands
    - Operating 'Open Day' that is accessible to consumers and able to buy production directly at the booth on the last day

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    [Details of major benefits]

    • Category Content Notes
      Additional ways
      to earn points for
      support projects
      Apply for 2019 creative brand prototype production support project Points awarded according to the number of times a brand has participated in Fashion KODE 19 S/S, F/W
      Support for
      participating in
      an overseas
      fashion week
      o Support for participating in the 2020 Jakarta Fashion Week
      - Booth, fashion show, airfare, accommodations, local media interviews, interpretation, etc.
      2 brands selected from the brands participating Fashion KODE 19 S/S, F/W
      o Support for pop-ups through connections with domestic distributors, e.g., department stores, multishops, etc.
      - Pop-up store entry, appliances, events, ex post facto business support, etc.
      brands selected from the brands participating Fashion KODE 19 S/S, F/W

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      ※ Refer to “6. Benefits for Participating Brands” for further details

      1. Project Purpose

      • To provide a platform for growth in which to strengthen the competitiveness of Korean fashion designer brands by creating a space for business exchange in the fashion culture market
      • To increase brand awareness and change the public's perception of fashion

      2. Event Synopsis

      • Event Name: Fashion KODE 2019 F/W
      • Schedule: From Thursday, March 14 through Saturday, March 16, 2019 / 3 days
      • Location: S Factory (located in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul)
      • Sponsor: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
      • Organizer: KOCCA

      3. Event Details

      • (Preview show) Designer brand showroom display / Biz-Matching between buyers and designers
      • (Networking) Networking party to promote exchanges between brands, buyers, and fashion industry authorities
      • (Market) Market in which brands can directly sell to consumers켓
      • (Fashion Show) Additional events to promote fashion- and culture-related collaboration

      4. Brands which may qualify for participation

      • Fashion designer brands
      • Lifestyle design brands
      • Fashion (lifestyle) multishop brands

      5. Application Details

      • Booth
      • Entry fee
      • Category Size Entry Fee (excluding VAT)
        1 basic booth 6㎡(2m×3m) 500,000 KRW
        2 basic booths 12㎡(4m×3m) 800,000 KRW

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        • Brands may apply for supplies in addition to the basic supplies provided as listed above.
          (the brand shall pay for the cost of additional supplies)

          ※ Refer to the application form

        • In addition to the basic booth listed above, each brand may add individualized displays
          (the brand shall pay for the cost of each additional display)

          ※ Refer to the application form

      • Market (Open Day)
      • ‘Open Day’ is fashion culture market with consumers, and it runs on the last day of the event
      • On ‘Open Day’, both buyers and consumers will be able to see the preview showroom
      • Each brand can sell products directly at the preview showroom
      • The payment system is supported

        Sales price shall include 10% as entry fee sales excluding credit card fees (about 3%) and VAT (about 10%)

        Detailed operation (draft) and participating brand information will be provided at preliminary information session

      • Brand booth that do not want ‘Open Day’ is operated in ‘Buyers Only hall’ accessible only to buyers during the three-day event

        Refer to the application form

      6. Benefits for Participating Brands

      • Brands increase their scores by applying for the 2019 creative brand prototype production support project
      • 1 point is award for participating once in Fashion KODE 2019 S/S, F/W (booth) and 3 points are awarded for participating twice
      • Support for 2019 Jakarta Fashion Week participation
      • 2 brands participating in Fashion KODE 2019 S/S, F/W will be selected and provided with 2020 Jakarta Fashion Week participation support
      • Support details

        Booth (1 per brand)

        • Fashion show (joint fashion show of 2 brands; support for model, hair/make-up, and direction will be provided)

        • Roundtrip airfare and accommodations (1 person per brand)

        • Local media interviews, interpretation, etc.

      • Support for pop-up store participation provided through connections with domestic distributors
      • Pop-up store entry into domestic department stores and multishops, appliances, events, ex post facto business support, etc.
      • Participation brand will be selected in brands participating in Fashion KODE 2019 S/S, F/W
      • Business support
      • Brand consulting
      • 1-on-1 buyer-brand matching services
      • Personnel support during business consulting, such as interpreters, security guards, and operations staff
      • Publicity support
      • Active publicity to attract buyers and strengthen brand awareness

        • Introduce newly transformed Fashion KODE (publish special articles through major media outlets, distribute press release)

        • Produce and distribute preliminary promotion videos

        • Cast famous celebrities and influencers (connect with influencers via SNS)

      • Publicity for maximizing business impact of Fashion KODE

        • Publicity through trendy webzines distributed online

        • Publish brand information in Fashion KODE directory book and on website

      7. Participation Application

      • Application period: from Tuesday, December 6 through 15:00 on Tuesday, January 10, 2019

        Finalists are selected after application review

      • Application method: email

        Application reception: Fashion KODE secretariat (

      • Required documents
      • ① Application form: download and complete the attached application form (see attachment)
      • ② One (1) copy of business registration certificate
      • ③ Plan and proposal for production of goods (free-form)
      • ④ Additional documents

        Evidence of support for domestic and international awards/fashion funds, collection/exhibition participation materials, etc.

        Documents deemed necessary for the selection process, such as catalogues, portfolios, domestic and international press reports, etc.

      • Entry fee payment

        Payment method and period will be announced separately

        Failure to make the payment within the payment period or renunciation of participation after selection may prevent future Fashion KODE participation

      • Inquiry

        Fashion KODE secretariat: 02-543-0563~4,

      The preceding content is subject to change

      Notified as stated above
      6 December 2018

      Director of KOCCA