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Fashion Kode Terms of Use
All personal information handled by Fashion KODE is collected, stored, and disposed under the strict abidance of laws regarding personal information protection policy such as but not limited to Personal Information Protection Act.
(For English users, this agreement is provided in English in addition to Korean. The original Korean version will take priority over the English one, if there is any different interpretation.)

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

This term of service shall have jurisdiction and regulate all matters including rights, liabilities/responsibilities, and other necessary matters between users and Fashion KODE regarding membership service provided from the Fashion KODE homepage (‘’).

Article 2 (Effectuation and Change of Terms)

1. This term takes effect when user is informed by the posting on the service display or other methods, and agrees to join the service.
2. Fashion KODE can change the content of the terms of service if necessary, and will post the edited term on the service display so the users can confirm the change directly.
3. If a user doesn’t agree with the changed term, the user can cancel the service subscription and membership registration. If continue using the service, it will be considered as an agreement and the edited term will take efficiency as before.
4. If a user agrees with the content of this term, it will be applied to the service provision from fashion KODE and user’s use of service. Related regulations and commercial customs such as Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, regulation of consultation of Korea Communication Standards Commission, personal internet usage ethics, Computer Programs Protection Act have power over other articles unlisted on this term.

Article 3 (Definition of term)

1. Definitions of terms in this clause are as followed.

1) User: Members and guests who get service from fashion KODE by accessing.
2) Member: Person who accessed and agreed with this article and got ID and PASSWORD and went through a confirmation process such as confirmation text.
3) Guest: Person who uses the service from fashion KODE without registering as a member
4) ID (serial number): A combination of alphabets and numbers which is selected by user and approved by fashion KODE for membership discerns and service use.
5) PASSWORD: A combination of alphabets and numbers which is selected by user to protect member’s information
6) Cancellation: Declaration of will that user or fashion KODE wants to terminate the contract after using the service.

2. Definitions of terms in this clause are following relational statute and guides for each service except for the definition in section 1.

Chapter 2 Service contract

Article 4 (Establishment of service contract)

A service contract is established through user’s agreement on contractual terms and conditions and approval of fashion KODE.

Article 5 (Application)

Application is made by entering individual’s personal data in the application form provided by fashion KODE on the member’s page.

Article 6 (acceptance or rejection of application)

1. Fashion KODE accepts the application when user applied with requested information mentioned in article 5, unless there’s exceptional reason to reject.

2. Fashion KODE can restrict service use in the following cases before the issue if solved.

1) When the information is false (borrowed name, false name, resident registration number theft, etc.), or when suspected to be.
2) In other cases fashion KODE decides that it is needed.

3. Fashion KODE can restrict the application in the following cases.

1) When not applied with user’s real name
2) When applied with borrowed name
3) When the application information is false
4) When the purpose of application is to disturb public order or to harm traditional custom
5) When the application didn’t meet the fashion KODE’s requirements.

Article 7 (Change of contract)

Members can read and edit their information at any time. Members must edit their changed information if needed, and all the responsibility of all the issues followed.

Chapter 3 Service offer and use

Article 8 (Service use)

1. Fashion KODE starts to offer service after accepting user’s application, except for some service that starts from specific dates.
2. Fashion KODE will notify the members if service is not available due to the technical failure or other reasons.
3. The use of service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
However, service can be paused due to technical issue or regular inspection.
In this case, fashion KODE will notify before or after.
4. Even after registering as a member, some services may be offered to certain members by a request of service provider.
5. Fashion KODE may divide the service by small sections and set service time for each service section. In this case, fashion KODE will notify it.

Article 9 (Change and suspension of service, store and use of data)

1. User agrees that fashion KODE is not responsible of data loss such as stored/transferred messages or other messages, data due to state of national emergency, power failure, service error caused by irresistible force which fashion KODE is not available to manage.
2. In case that fashion KODE pause service due to quality of service issues, it must be notified a week before the pause and fashion KODE is not responsible whether a user recognized the problem during the week. With reasonable reason, the notification can be shortened or shipped.
Furthermore, fashion KODE is not responsible of data loss such as stored/transferred messages or other messages, data due to the service pause.
3. If the service is suspended by fashion KODE, subsection 2 will be applied. In this case, the advance notice period is 1 month.
4. Fashion KODE can edit, change, and stop the service after the advance notice, and members or the third party is not responsible of it.
5. Fashion KODE can suspend the service if a user violate the terms and services. In this case, fashion KODE can ban the user from access and delete contents posted by the user.
6. Fashion KODE can suspend the service after a one week notification, if the user is dormant for a long time.

Article 10 (information provision and advertisement)

1. Fashion KODE can provide information and advertisement considered to be necessary for users while using the service via email, mail, SMS, DM, messenger, etc. User can block them if they’re unnecessary.
2. Fashion KODE can post advertisement related to service on the service page, homepage, email, etc. Users are considered as they agreed on this advertisement post.
3. Fashion KODE is not responsible for any loss or damage caused as a consequence of participating the sales promotion.

Article 11 (Ownership of Fashion KODE)

1. Fashion KODE has ownership of the intellectual property rights and other rights related to service, required software, image, mark, logo, design, service name, information and trademark.
2. Users not only cannot edit, rent, borrow, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, re-license, establish security right, or commercially exploit the property mentioned in section1, except for the case fashion KODE explicitly approved, but also cannot allow the third party to do so.
3. Users cannot commercially exploit the files posted on service such as processing and selling the information from using the service.

Chapter 4 Obligation of contracting parties

Article 12 (Obligation of User and information security)

Users have to provide full information correspond to present state (states as “subscriber’s information” starting from here). Also, if the subscriber’s information needs to be edited, user has to renew it right away.

When the user finishes the registering process, ID and password will be provided. To manage ID and password,

1) You need to report to fashion KODE if ID and password were used without your permission.
2) You need to log out every time you quit using the service.

3. Users agree not to perform following actions.

1) Harming other people (including minority)

(1) Pretending to be someone else using the ID, PASSWORD, resident registration number of other’s.
(2) Stating false relationship with someone else. (3) Stating information to slander others and damage one’s reputation whether it’s true or false. (4) Distributing false information with a view to get or give advantage, or to harm someone. (5) Disturbing other’s life by delivering sound/text/video/etc. that inspires sense of shame, fear, and disgust repeatedly. (6) Profit-seeking activity using the services of fashion KODE without permission. (7) Using someone else’s ID

2) Posting or publishing unnecessary or unapproved advertisement and promotional material, sending email or posting “junk mail”, “spam”, and “chain letters”, “repeated posting of same content”, “inviting to join pyramid organizations”.

3) Posting or sending vulgar and obscene contents including data/text/software/music/picture/graphic/video/message (states as “contents” starting from here) via email.

4) Posting, publishing or sending contents without any rights (including intellectual right) via email.

5) Posting, publishing, mailing software virus to destroy, disturb, restrict computer software, hardware, telecommunication equipment.

6) Collecting or storing other users’ personal information including the act of posting, publishing, mailing the computer code, file, program of others’

7) Gambling, speculating

8) Distributing any contents escorting prostitution or intermediating obscene act

9) Any other illegal or unfair act

4. Users must observe the regulation from the related statute.

Article 13 (Obligation of fashion KODE)

1. Fashion KODE let the users use the service on the day of application unless there’s a special reason
2. Fashion KODE is responsible to offer stable and continuous service.
3. If there’s any damage or loss, fashion KODE will take responsibility for only the case caused by fashion KODE’s intention or gross negligence, and the range of responsibility is limited to general damage.
4. Fashion KODE has to deal with complaint from a user immediately when it is reasonable. When it is unavailable, fashion KODE has to inform the user about reason and processing plan.
5. Fashion KODE will do its best to protect user’s personal data including registration information under the related statute. About user’s personal information protection, it observes related statute and details of article 16.

Article 14 (Personal information protection policy)

1. Fashion KODE collects user’s information from user’s provision, and use the information to perform the contract and service offer.

2. Fashion KODE is not allowed to divulgate or distribute user’s information without permission, and also not allowed to use it as commercial purpose. However, the followings are exceptions.

1) When requested with an interrogation purpose from the organs concerned.
2) When requested from the Korea Communications Standards Commission
3) When requested by the procedures of related statute

Chapter 5 Termination of contract

Article 15 (Contract termination and use limitation)

1. When user wants to terminate the contract, it has to be done online by the user.

2. Fashion KODE can request a user to change ID or PASSWORD, or change them directly for security, ID policy, stable service offer.

3. Fashion KODE can terminate contract without informing user if the user performed following actions.

1) Registering with false data such as false name or other’s resident registration number
2) An action related to illegal act
3) Use or plan to use service for the purpose of harming national or public interest
4) Using other’s service ID and PASSWORD
5) Other’s reputation or advantage
6) Harming the upright utilization of service
7) Other acts that violate fashion KODE’s terms and conditions of service or related statutes

Chapter 6 Others

Article 16 (Service fee and charged information)

Service fee is basically free. However, some charged information of services are not included in it.

Article 17 (prohibition to transfer)

Users are not allowed to transfer or give their position of the contract to others, and it cannot be security either.

Chapter 7 compensation/indemnification for damage

Article 18(compensation/indemnification for damage)

Fashion KODE is not responsible for any of the problems related to free services, unless it is due to the gross negligence of fashion KODE.

Article 19 (exemption provisions)

1. KODE is discharged of responsibility in case of natural disaster or irresistible force.
2. Fashion KODE is not responsible for any errors occurred by user’s mistake.
3. Fashion KODE is not responsible for user's expectation for profit or loss caused by materials acquired through the service.
4. Fashion KODE is not responsible for information, material, credibility and accuracy of what user published on service.

Article 20 (Competent court)

1. Fashion KODE and user must do their best to solve the conflict, when it is occurred between the two about the service.
2. If the conflict is occurred and lawsuit is filed despite section 1, a competent court would be in district where Fashion KODE is located

Additional clause

(Enforcement date) This regulation is effective since 2015.06.15